We see value in what may not glitter.
On promising bedrock, we mine,
Hand to shovel, relentless,
Until the ore is yielded.
And then we share.
There is tin enough for all hands.

The Tin Men

This manifesto encapsulates the essence of our strategy and approach, and our name is derived from the immigrants who came from all over China, India and Malaya to toil as miners in the Southeast Asian tin belt, which included Malaysia, and to a lesser extent, Singapore.

Singapore has almost no natural resources of its own to speak of, but tin was one of them, albeit in small quantities. In fact, there is a region in Singapore called Bukit Timah, meaning “Tin Hill” in Malay.

In the same way that our ancestors came to Southeast Asia searching for veins of tin ore – a black, seemingly unpromising substance whose value increases when refined to its eventual shiny form – we look for fundamentally good businesses that are often ignored by others and work alongside founders to unlock their true value.

We get stuck into the business in the way tin miners had to get down and dirty to extract the mineral. Hand in hand, we work side by side with entrepreneurs to grow revenue and value for all.

We share value creation with everyone.


To help deserving entrepreneurs realise the full potential of their ideas and businesses in Southeast Asia.