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Launched in 2016

Proved unit profitability


Tin Men brought in YCH Group, a leading logistics firm, as a go-to-market partner

Sizeable Market

Asia is the world’s biggest and fastest growing market

Overdrive is a next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) platform that connects things, such as people, cargo, vehicles and other assets into a mesh network to offer real-time data on a cloud platform. From there, various use case-specific business rules, AI and user applications can be built to help businesses with visibility into their operations and, quickly thereafter, improvement of their asset utilisation.

Founded in 2015, the team has expanded to work on a variety of specialised solutions to fuel connectivity through fully integrated platforms for apps and devices, utilising analytics to predict and analyse device usage patterns and provide custom IoT development through plugins and services catered to its customers.

Overdrive is a hardware-agnostic company. The value they bring is the ability to automate the sensing portion of any solutions in a reliable way, utilising tried and tested hardware from partners, with the ability to tweak device firmware to fit the solution and environment constraints.

Overdrive has built solutions addressing a variety of use cases on top of its core platform. These include workforce and fleet management, connected cars, schoolbus solutions, logistics management, and preventive maintenance solutions. They serve customers across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines in sectors such as transport, logistics, oil and gas, and building/facilities management.

Beyond business growth and financial success, Overdrive believes IoT has an enormous potential to improve people’s lives.

Value Proposition

  • Leading IoT platform in Southeast Asia for tracking and understanding assets (vehicles, goods, people, sensors, buildings and more)
  • Partnered with, and used by, customers of Microsoft Azure and MobileEye (the global leader in the development of vision technology for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving)
  • Overdrive’s mix of a solid base platform for data analytics, device-level capability and firmware configuration skills make Overdrive the reliable option for customers and partners


  • Used across more than 20,000 assets across 57 customers
  • Growing Annual Recurring Revenue
  • Account-level profitability



No speeding – Overdrive is watching you
(The Straits Times (2016), Singapore)

We rely on Tin Men to help drive our traction outside of Singapore.

Aston Chia, CEO, Overdrive

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