Retail Enablement


Platform for real-time customer feedback and insights to improve customer experience and organisation-wide initiatives


Acquired hundreds of enterprise clients across South-East Asia (SEA), Australia and the UK

Sizeable Market

US$2b in Asia Pacific serviceable addressable market across Australia,
New Zealand, Singapore and other SEA countries

RateIt offers a new way to listen to customers while they are “in the moment” across multiple channels (e.g., on-premise devices, phone messages, web and via delightful emails). ​It​ offers effortless insights that bring improvements to operations and organisation-wide initiatives, spanning areas such as customer service, sales, marketing and operations delivery, thanks to unique real-time signals in their customer experience data.

Founded by Michael Momsen in Australia, RateIt has quickly gained traction across South-East Asia (SEA), Australia and the UK. The company has hundreds of business clients as of 2019, spanning both large multinationals and smaller regional businesses.

The value that RateIt brings is its ability to transcend the limitations of traditional survey-based methods as these do not give companies the data needed to know what their customers think and feel on a granular, real-time basis, or respond to customer feedback, or provide an easy tool to build a customer-first mindset in their operations.

RateIt sought to partner with Tin Men in order to ​rev up​ its go-to-market capabilities across SEA, while deepening its operations and marketing in Singapore. The growth that RateIt ​is seeing in the SEA market and the access that Tin Men can provide to customers across the region encouraged the company to move headquarters to Singapore.

Value Proposition

  • Quick, easy and efficient way to gain in-the-moment customer feedback, and actionable insights based on collective intelligence, so as to increase NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CX (Customer Experience) score through operational and organisation-wide improvement
  • A high level of data integrity as software is enhanced with state-of-the-art advanced biometrics, that prevents children and staff from skewing the data
  • Plug-and-play rollout for easy implementation across myriad devices, text messages and emails



We see synergies between RateIt and Tin Men’s other portfolio companies, as well as immediate potential with their go-to-market partners across SEA.

(L-R): Michael Momsen (CEO) and Sam McConkey (COO), RateIt

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