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Tin Men invests in the B2B technology firms re-inventing legacy businesses

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We unearth B2B tech founders who help digitise traditional industries.

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As venture capitalists, we accelerate tech growth in SEA

Value creation

Tin Men Capital is dedicated to backing B2B tech founders through capital investments, strategic connections and resources for their next phase of growth.

Fairness & integrity

Fair return for Founders, Investors, Customers, and of course, ourselves, without exploitation or greed.

Where we shine as B2B venture capitalists


Identifying champions in the underserved enterprise technology sector

We conduct in-depth studies and discernment of values without the distraction of bias or hype. Working hand in hand with operators, never condescending but rather, to understand, help and fund.


Community of B2B believers

We rally like-minded believers of the potential of B2B tech in South East Asia to push and grow the ecosystem together. Meet investors, policy makers, B2B startup founders and enterprises through our network.


Operational contribution

We see an untapped market in B2B technology businesses, where with the right operational contribution beyond funding, we can expect much lower failure rates, and a higher probability of good outcomes. Expect our team to work closely alongside yours to achieve your next milestones.

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