Tin Men Capital

Headquartered in Singapore, we are a venture capital firm that’s exclusively focused on Series A B2B tech startups in South East Asia.

We see value in what may not glitter. On promising bedrock, we mine, hand to shovel, relentless, until the ore is yielded. And then we share.
There is tin enough for all hands.

Believers to backers

We see an untapped market in B2B technology businesses, where we can expect much lower failure rates and a higher probability of good outcomes. This allows entrepreneurs to grow their companies sustainably while giving the fund venture-style returns.

Hand to shovel

We are not spectators. We love digging deep and lending our strength to founders. We invest beyond capital, providing strategic referrals, operational advisory and founders support. This includes helping our portfolio companies syndicate their fundraising for future rounds.

Like-minded community

Join our community of entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, marketers, operators, and policymakers who are firm believers and supporters of B2B. Discover your next key partner through our events.

Driven by values and equality

We strive to imbue our operations and investments with the core values of integrity and fairness towards all - founders, team, partners and investors. Tin Men Capital also tries to push the needle on representation in the VC industry, with more than 50% of its staff being female.

Our story

We look for founders passionate about solving the boring but important problems faced by legacy industries.

Tin Men Capital was founded in 2018 with the view that the B2B sector in South East Asia was underserved and lacked the scale of backing that B2C startups were enjoying.

This was despite the positive unit economics, high capital efficiency and recurring cash flow that B2B startups tend to have.

Our founders had tried and tested this investment thesis with their own capital since 2016, bringing millions of revenue to startups, upping their valuation by 3-4X.

Since Tin Men Capital was launched, we have worked hand in hand alongside our fellow B2B believers and community to launch startups operating in this space to the next stage of growth and profitability.

The Team

The Tin Men team are friends first and foremost who are committed to supporting the B2B tech ecosystem in South East Asia.


Tin Men Capital's founders bring decades of investments experience and are counted as trusted allies of our portfolio companies.


Murli Ravi


Jeremy Tan


Tin Men’s Advisors are highly respected, veteran leaders in their industries.

Finance Lead

Robert Binyon


Haresh Khoobchandani


Bala Vissa


Lee Ah Boon


Our team members are specialists in their fields and embodies Tin Men’s values.

Partnership Lead

John Tay

Compliance Officer

Selrol Ng

Investment Analyst

Ying Ying Ng

Investment Associate

Alexa Foo

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