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We deliver hands-on focus on portfolio management and value for our investors and founders via a unique blend of operational and venture capital expertise.

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B2B technology — venture returns with less risk

Significant Opportunity

Large, rapidly digitising industries. South East Asia is a strategically located region

Sticky Customers

Long-term contracts with high switching costs

Ignored and undervalued

Of the US$9 billion raised in Southeast Asia in 2020, only ~10% went to B2B

Attractive Unit Economics

Highly monetisable, compelling +70% gross margins and long-term recurring cash flows

By the numbers


9 companies

Review more than

600 startups annually


>85% deals

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Why partner with us

A unique opportunity to back an underserved asset class producing venture returns.

Some cast wide, we dive deep

The lower failure rates of B2B startups enables Tin Men Capital to grow a concentrated portfolio. Rather than spreading our expertise across a large portfolio per fund, we concentrate our expertise and capacity to support our founders for the next stage of growth.

Assume nothing, analyse everything

To create venture returns with less risk, we have set stringent criteria to conduct in-depth research and discernment of startups without the distraction of bias or hype.

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