Finance & Fundraising

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About the company:

BlockOffice works with founders & early-stage startups to be their strategic back office and support them as their needs scale.
BlockOffice addresses the challenges founders face when trying to fundraise and grow their business. Key areas BlockOffice supports:

1) Entity Incorporation
i) Onshore: (Eg; Singapore & HK)
ii) Offshore: (Eg; BVI, Cayman, SVG,etc.)

2) Financial Operations (CFO)
i) Corporate Structuring
ii) Bookkeeping & Accounting
iii) Financial & Cashflow Planning

3) Fundraising Operations (Equity & Token)
i) Data-Room Organisation, Pitch Deck, Investor Memo, Investor CRM
ii) Legal Documents (Eg; SAFE, SAFT, etc.)
iii) Token Launch Plan (Eg; Whitepaper, Tokenomics etc.)
iv) Token Listing Management (Eg; MMs, CEXs etc.)

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