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Partnership Highlight: Entrepass by EnterpriseSG

John Tay

Head of Partnerships

Tin Men Capital

We are an appointed EntrePass Partner!

Tin Men Capital is headquartered in Singapore, where the vibrant startup ecosystem is home to more than 3,800 tech startups, 400 investors and 220 accelerators and incubators. As an appointed EntrePass Partner, we are able to endorse great founders who have decided to bring their business and family to be a part of Singapore's startup ecosystem. We look forward to partnering with EnterpriseSG in building up our ecosystem alongside startup founders who see Singapore as a home base.

What is EntrePass?

An initiative under Startup SG, EntrePass is a work pass aimed to support foreign founders in establishing innovative tech or venture-backed startups in Singapore. Through EntrePass, you can look forward to join Singapore’s vibrant tech startup community and gain access to networking, fundraising, and co-innovation opportunities.

Benefits of being endorsed by Tin Men Capital
As an EntrePass Partner, foreign founders that have received our endorsement will enjoy additional privileges and have their EntrePass applications prioritised. All criteria for EntrePass remain unchanged.
Endorsed founders/ startups get to enjoy:
1. Expedited processing of the application, which reduces the timeline from an average of 8-10 weeks to 5-7 weeks
2. Assistance regarding the application processes with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
3. Support for privileges to bring in dependants

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