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Tin Men Capital Feature Fridays: Vita

John Tay

Head of Partnerships

Tin Men Capital

🗯 The problem: Have you ever passed on a great candidate because there were no current openings, but fail to keep track when a position does open in the future? The recruiting process also favours certain types of resumes but fail to identify the true calibre of candidates. This prevailing recruiting process is biased because of the limited data available and unverified self-declaring information, resulting in a loss in talents and additional future costs.

💡 The solution: Vita’s Talent Intelligence platform automates hiring process, saving a significant time and improving hiring decision with data. It also helps companies monitor the pool of applicants it receives over time.

🛠 How it's done: It assists teams to reactivate past applicants for current hiring and aids screening of active applicants so to effectively manage, engage every applications. The all in one dashboard allows you to view your candidate diversity and recruitment metrics and keep track of candidates career progress so as to re-engage them as soon as a more suitable position is open.

😯 Used by companies like: Transcelestial, Volt, XLD Finance, National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University

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