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Tin Men Capital Feature Fridays: Bluesheets

John Tay

Head of Partnerships

Tin Men Capital

🗯 The Problem: Financial data flows through a company's book keeping process on a daily basis. From important cheques to the crumpled receipt claim from an employee. All these data has to be sorted, processed and filed for accounting purposes. Failing to do so results in inaccurate financial reporting. 

💡 The Solution:

Companies have digitised and work with accounting software. But we all know that inputting data is still manually processed into these fancy accounting platforms. Bluesheets learns your processes once with AI, and then does connects with your accounting tools to do the job forever. 

🛠 How it's done:

Set up once with Bluesheets, telling them the process for each financial data (eg. claim/purchase invoice/receipt). Now anytime you or your team sends a document to bluesheets, your data will be processed and sorted automatically  to your accounting tools such as Xero, QuickBooks Company.

😯 Used by companies like: MSIG Singapore, Guzman y Gomez Singapore, CAP Advisory Group Pte. Ltd.

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