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Tin Men Capital Feature Fridays: LittleLives

John Tay

Head of Partnerships

Tin Men Capital

🗯 The problem: Not many people new to educating as a career foresaw the amount of admin that comes with the tasks of managing a school and class. A well run school needs to get the basics of operations and business right, forming the foundation for it's educators to focus on what they actually want to do: teach and impact the next generation.

💡 The solution: A software management tool purpose built for managing a school, digitising all records and operations for maximum efficiency and accountability. Taking care of the complexities so that educators do not have to. 

🛠 How it's done: LittleLives software covers needs such as attendance logging and tracking, billing matters with clients and tracking students' individual progress. Even a little fight at the playground (kids being kids) and birthdays can be documented so that principals can stay aware of what each student is going through and arrange for care intervention where necessary.

😯 Used by companies like: Pat's Schoolhouse, PCF Sparkletots, E-Bridge

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