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Tin Men Capital Feature Fridays: UIlicious

John Tay

Head of Partnerships

Tin Men Capital

🗯 Remember the time your website bugged out right in the middle of a demo? Manually testing your website or app for bugs and errors can feel like you’re playing “whack-a-mole”. Making your site customer friendly shouldn’t be a game of chance. 

💡 What if you could automate your web application testing process? It is a game changer because it enables you to catch bugs effectively with less time. 

🛠 UIlicious is an all-in-one platform to automate, run, and schedule cross-browser tests at scale. No coding skills is required. It saves you time, money, and ensures a smooth user journey, catching bugs before your users do. Check out a sample of an actionable test report in the image below!

😯 Utilized by the companies: Eezee, Mercedes-Benz AG, JLL

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