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Tin Men Capital Feature Fridays: Trransfer

John Tay

Head of Partnerships

Tin Men Capital

🗯 What is a successful event if your guest doesn't arrive on time and in comfort? Organizing transportation for a large corporate event can be like running a marathon. You have to ensure everyone arrives at the finish line (the venue) on time and in comfort. Travel agents, conference organisers scramble to coordinate fleets of vehicles for their guests.

💡  Trransfer is a B2B software that specializes in managing ground transportation for large fleets. While ride-hailing services enable customers to book one car with one phone, Trransfer offers the ability to book a fleet of vehicles and monitor the pick-up and drop-off of guests all on one platform. 

🛠 Trransfer’s technology and global network of transport partners make it reliable, efficient, and cost-effective for groups of travelers. Their solutions are designed to simplify and automate the booking process, allowing customers to easily book ground transportation for themselves or their clients.

 Used by the people from: Opsigo Asia

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